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Outdoor Hiking Must Be Done Safely

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Are you wanting to go outdoor hiking but want to make sure you are safe? By preparing properly and knowing what you have to do to be comfortable during the hike, it can be much more enjoyable. Prepare by reading through these guidelines and it should be easy for you to have a hiking trip that is very enjoyable.

outdoor hiking

outdoor hiking

You’re going to need to check the weather for where you’re going to hike. This needs to be done multiple times before going because the conditions may change as time goes on. You’re able to find fairly accurate weather reports and maps online, so check there as often as you can before you head out. If there is a chance of bad weather then you can have a backup plan to, work with just in case. During bad storms, you need to make sure you delay the hike until they pass so you’re not in any danger.

Pack light because you’re going to want to be able to go as far as possible on your hike. If you take too much with you, there won’t be as much time for you to enjoy yourself out in nature. You should try to have everything that you can carry in a backpack with you, and that’s it. In your backpack, you should have items like a first aid kit, trekking poles or other items like a spare set of dry clothing in case it rains. You may want to wrap the items in the backpack in plastic in case it rains on you.

Bringing your phone is a good idea, so you have a way to call for help if something goes wrong. Just make sure that it’s charged and that you’re careful not to focus on it too much when you’re hiking. You should turn the volume off and shouldn’t answer it if you want to have an experience that is ruled by nature and not you having to check your phone as if you were at home. It’s always a lot better to minimize technology during a hike because it’s too easy to get caught up in it and to forget to have an enjoyable time.

Your body is going to have to be trained if you want to go a long distance over rough terrain. When you train, make sure you do strength and stamina exercises. You want to make sure that you have strength training that you do with weights so that you can carry your pack a long way. Stamina training is good because it helps you to keep at hiking when you would have been tired in the past and would want to turn around to try again later.

Get a map of the area you’re going to be hiking in so that you can see if there are any areas that may not be safe. If you see sudden drop offs, then you know not to walk near them so you don’t get hurt. A good idea, is to see if you can look at the area with an overhead satellite map if that area isn’t heavily wooded. Then you can see where thick areas of brush are and things like obvious hangouts for wildlife. Going out to hike without knowing where you are and how to escape is a very bad idea.

hiking with you

hiking with you

Finally, you’re going to need to make sure that you can describe where you are in case you get hurt and need to call for help. One idea is to learn how to use your phone to get your GPS coordinates so that you can tell someone the latitude and longitude of your location. You can also use a compass and have a map that you create as you go along, so you’re able to have at least some idea of what to tell those that you have called to help you.

Outdoor hiking is a great way to get out into nature. You just have to make sure you prepare for your trip in the right way. Enjoying yourself can only be done when you have a safe and fun adventure on your hike!

Is there a camping app?

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Most people would agree with this: that camping trips are as prevalent today as they have ever been before, if not all the more along these lines, ranging from family overnight excursions to weeks away at once. These days, technology is an increasingly influential part of our lives and in recent years, generally because of the iPhone having brought very modern innovation to the masses, these camping trips or any outdoor excursions have become greatly more technological.













The weather is perhaps one of the most important things to check when going camping, or anywhere outdoors, truly. It can turn from hot and sunny to cold and rainy in a matter of hours and in case you’re not prepared for it then you could be in serious danger.


While there is a weather app installed on each iPhone, often you’ll find yourself needing more than what it has to offer. It is very easy to navigate. With great hourly details, humidity readings, weather maps and many more features, you’ll have a much better idea of what you’ll likely be facing come your trip.



This app can be download for FREE.




















There’s nothing more badly than forgetting those essential item when unpacking at your campsite such as a serac camping hammock. Make sure that your essentials don’t fall through the cracks with this fantastic app. Suggested items are categorized and you can add custom entries. The app will auto-suggest items when typing new entries to add and you can also add full categories with one tap. This app supports multiple lists and also lets you share it with others via email.



PRICE: $0.99

























When you trekking out in the wild, obscurity falls so quick that you need to be certain that you know what the night’s plan is when nighttime does strike. Camp Where is intended and is designed to offer your assistance with locating, and in some cases reserve, public camping grounds in the US and Canada by showing your local sites to your position.


PRICE: $5.00





























A compass is one of the basic tool that you should have with you when you go out on camping, and with Commander Compass you can leave you bulky and simple real compass behind.


Commander Compass offers lots of features that are very useful when in camping, as well as allowing you to track the position of locations and find out distances and elevations to your destination. This light version is free.









When it is mealtime, despite everything you need to eat well and there’s no reason you can’t have some fantastic food while appreciating the nature. Coleman’s app lets you filter recipes by cooking method, type of meal, or available ingredients. Recipes are shown as at-home and campground versions and each one can be added to a list for later reference. Furthermore, you can rate and share each recipe so you always know the ones you love the most. Coleman gives a pack of tips too so you can slice veggies and crimp foil like a pro.



This app can be download for FREE.



















This app is a bit like having airbags in your car, and is use only for emergency- but nobody wants emergency. It is really advisable to actually go through this beforehand to have an idea of what you should do in an emergency, but the idea behind this app is that should something tragic happen, you will hopefully have the resources right on your phone to get you through the problem.


PRICE: $2.00











Trip Journal is a fantastic app to track, document and share your camping trip experiences along with your friends. It has an automatic GPS that plotted onto the map and record all your pictures and videos. You can also jot down any notes you want to remember about the places you’ve visited.




PRICE: $3.00









It is another great camping app for iOS. This universal app will show you nearby campsites. The app can even store some of the information on your device, which is needed when you do camping in remote areas. There’s a lot of information in this app. This includes both public and private sites.



PRICE: $9.99








It is far less customizable than other app, yet nicely-designed. Items are well categorized and you’ll have plenty of supplies after going through its suggestions. It also features a progress meter when you check items off your list.



This can be download for FREE.










You can’t have a wonderful starlit night without the dawn, and when you’re out in Mother Nature’s playground you wouldn’t want to miss out on something so beautiful, would you? Whether it’s because you are a photographer, painter or you just want to see those first rays of glorious sunshine in the morning, Sunrise is an app you will find essential to making sure you know when to be awake.


PRICE: $0.99




Is camping an adjective?

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Camping is not an adjective. Camping is a gerund, and hence a noun.


Adjectives are words that describe or modify other words. They can identify or quantify another person or thing in the sentence. Adjectives are usually positioned before the noun or the pronoun that they modify.



As part of a phrase like camping trip it is a noun in apposition, modifying another noun as if it were adjective.

In a sentence like He is camping it is a present participle, which is used in forming the progressive tenses, but may also behave like an adjective: The camping girls slept soundly.

How much is a camping trip?

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According to USA Tourist, it costs on average $20-$30 every night for an “all around prepared” campground and the normal stay at a state park is 3-4 days. Utilizing the figures $25 by 3.5 days we arrived at $87.5. If the normal outdoors trip takes after the rates for the Bureau of Labor Statistics normal get-away information, then the costs separate 44% for transportation, 23% lodging, 23% sustenance and 10% amusement. That would put the normal expense of a camping trip at $380.

While $380 is vast investment funds compared with the normal American excursion assessed at $1,415. There are things you can do to cut the expense down even lower:

Obtain Don’t Buy

New camping gear can be costly, which is the reason the business made $412 million in deals. However, a great many people make them camp gear, which implies there are many opportunities for you to obtain. On our trek, we experienced no difficulty discovering companions with a tent and cooking hardware is being obtained from my in-laws.

If You Buy, Go With Craigslist

Most people camp a few times each year, which implies that used gear will be as a part of good condition. So make utilization of Craigslist and get yourself an arrangement as opposed to paying full cost at a retail store.

Present to Your Own Supplies

Campground stores have huge markups, don’t purchase from them. Bring your own sustenance and beverages, you’ll see that it will spare you. Bring your own kindling, particularly yet ensure that it is guaranteed and pre-bundle. Bug infestations have lead campgrounds to boycott the use of non-economically bundled fireworks.

Stay at Campgrounds Where Entertainment is Included

Many campgrounds have trails, pools and amusement and recreation centers. Use these as instead of leaving the campground for entertainment. The cheapest entertainment is whatever you’ve already paid for. A few campgrounds have shows, square dances and adventure exhibits and activities. Look for a campground that has activities that fit your family’s interests.